Community Forestry

Community Forestry

As part of our forestry extension programme, Montigny is working toward transforming 30 000 Ha of invasive Wattle jungles into plantations. This Programme increases household incomes by training community members to supply higher quality timber. An additional benefit will be an increased supply of Biomass for the Power Plant.

The programme focuses on delivering three main benefits:

  1. Socio-economic: A rehabilitated wattle jungle will yield at least 5 times as much income to the owner in 4 years
  2. Environmental: Converting a Wattle Jungle into a smallholder plantation greatly reduces fire risks and controls the continuous spread of wattle into waterways and grazing lands
  3. Economic: The market for wattle timber, biomass and bark is steadily growing across a number of products. The timber is largely exported to Japan for paper pulp, the bark is sold for leather tanning and the offcuts are used for energy production.

Catalyze/Montigny Partnership

Montigny is proud to partner with Catalyze Swaziland to mobilise communities surrounding the Usutu Forest, empowering them to tap into opportunities for livelihood improvements given the need and great potential within the communities.

Program participants receive business trainings, mentorship and aftercare to grow both their wattle and honey enterprises.

Montigny approaches communities surrounding our plantations to share our experience and resources on Wattle Jungle rehabilitation. In the future we plan to expand the initiative to all viable areas in Eswatini.

Community Forestry partner



Montigny Forestry Extension Experts train land owners on best practices


Montigny provides an interest free loan for part of the rehabilitation costs


Montigny guarantees to buy the timber at maturity


Yields and incomes triple at
a minimum

Contact Montigny’s Head of Strategic Initiatives, Lee Cunningham by email or Nicholas Matsebula, Montigny’s Forestry Extension Officer by email