EUcalyptus DIVES

Eucalyptus Dives

Eucalyptus Dives

Anti-bacterial, anti-infectious, anti-viral, anti-fungal, mucolytic.

This species has 40-50% ketone piperitone and is not suitable for pregnant woman and diabetics. Due to the pervasiveness of the ketones, it is highly penetrating and therefore very effective, however one must make sure that the oil is diluted with a carrier oil (1 drop on 1tsp carrier oil).

Why choose this oil?

  • Due to the softer and pleasant smell this is a good choice for small children as a dilution of 1 drop to 1 tsp of carrier oil. Note that this is NOT SUITABLE for babies.
  • Candida albicans
  • Mucolytic - thins the mucous however avoid contact of the mucous membranes such as eyes, nose, mouth, etc. Use only as a topical application
  • Bronchitis - chronic and acute
  • Arthritis and Rheumatism
  • Sinusitis
  • Cicatrizant - promotes healing through the formation of scar tissue


  1. Use 2-3 drops in a diffuser for an uplifting feeling.
  2. Use 2-3 drops in the bath for treating the body and helping with skin disorders or any other skin illnesses.
  3. Use 1 drop in your favourite moisturizer to help with blemished skin.
  4. Use 2 drops in 1 tsp of petroleum jelly as a chest rub to decongest the chest against colds and flu.

Recipe for Sinusitis:

Option 1:

2 drops Eucalyptus Dives oil
2 drops Rosemary oil
2 drops Peppermint
10ml Fractionated Coconut oil (Fat removed to make it soluble)
External use only: Apply around the nose area and on the forehead.
Avoid eyes

Option 2:

8 drops Eucalyptus oil
5 drops Peppermint oil
5 drop Rosemary oil
60ml Jojoba carrier oil
Combine in a 100ml amber glass bottle
To use take 1 Tbsp and apply externally on forehead temples and over the bridge of the nose.
Avoid eyes

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