The prefeasibility study confirmed that our plantations could sustainably supply biomass to power 22% of the country’s energy demand.

This Project has a myriad of positive rippling effects starting with creating employment opportunities, stimulating investment and conserving the environment properly. As Montigny works toward reaching our goal of financial closure in 2017, we will continue to work closely with local officials and grow our strategic partnerships.

The benefits of the biomass power plant at Usutu are exponential. The cost of ignoring the potential would significantly impact Eswatini.

Power Plant

The Impact:


Reduce emissions
Optimise biomass
Avoid coal-fired imports
Utilise existing mill site with transportation efficiencies


Market for our biomass
Stimulate investment opportunities in Eswatini
Create ~ 500 jobs
Initiate new employment sector


Provide baseload power supply
35 MW is 22% of Eswatini’s energy demand
Stability from local, renewable resource

The Potential:

First African country running on 100%
renewable energy
Increase domestic & foreign investment
Increase investment interest in
the country

Net New Jobs Created

  • Forestry Department
  • Plant Construction & Operation

Contact Montigny’s Head of Strategic Initiatives, Andrew le Roux by email andrew.leroux@montigny.co.sz