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About us

Swazi Poles, Established in 2007 and based in Eswatini is a full subsidiary of Montigny Group Of Companies. Specialising in the CCA treatment of Eucalyptus poles which carries the SATAS mark. The company manufactures treated poles to SATAS specification SANS 754, SANS 457 and SANS 1288. Swazi Poles has the capacity to treat up to 5000 cubes of treated poles per month. Swazi Poles also distribute treated poles from its facility throughout to Southern Africa including Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, Lesotho and Mozambique.

Our Products

We offer a comprehensive range of building and fencing material for the construction and the agricultural sector, transmission poles for power distribution and communication systems as well as treated poles for vineyard and orchards throughout Southern Africa.

Some of these products are treated with Chromated Copper Arsenate (CCA) which is a pressure impregnated wood preservative. It is applied to our products within the following hazardous categories:

  1. H2 Pine: Timber Structural for interior above ground with CCA retention at 6kg per m3 of timber.
  2. H3 Laths and Droppers: Exterior above ground with CCA retention at 8kg per m3 of timber.
  3. H4 Ground Contact Poles: Timber that is in direct contact with the ground. Building and fencing. Minimum retention of 12kg per m3. Minimum preservative penetration of 13mm. Labeled and marked as H4.
  4. H4V Ground Contact Poles: Timber that is in direct contact with the ground. Vineyard and Orchid Poles – Due to required life expectancy and its exposure to commercial agricultural practices such as flood and other frequent irrigation methods, as well as fertilisers with high nutrients. Vineyard Poles are classified as extremely high risk Hazard Class 4 (H4) commodities and require additional chemical retention to ensure suitability. Thus 16kg per cubic metre. Minimum Preservative Penetration of 13mm or complete Sapwood. Labeled and marked as H4V.
  5. Onyx Weatherguard process of pressure impregnated potassium wax sealer for lasting enduring benefits that prevents pole from cracking and additional sealing withstanding water penetration.
Swazi Poles
Swazi Poles
Swazi Poles
Swazi Poles
Swazi Poles
Swazi Poles


Swazi Poles is registered with SATAS (South African Technical Auditing Services). We conform to the South African National Standards SANS 754 and SANS 457.

  1. SANS 457-3 Treated poles, wrappers and laths
  2. SANS 1288 Pine Structural Timber
  3. SANS 754 Transmission Poles
Dolphin Bay Chemicals supplies our CCA and as Manufacturer of Chemicals, guarantees that the CCA chemicals preservative are manufactured in accordance with SANS 673.

Dolphin Bay Chemicals extended services includes the training of our personnel in the correct application and the treatment process.

Timber poles are sorted and moisture tested before process of preserve.