Who we Are

About Montigny

Largest private, integrated timber company in Southern Africa

Montigny Investments Limited is a Swati-owned and operated diversified timber company. Founded in 1997 by entrepreneur Neal Rijkenberg, Montigny has grown from a small family business into the largest private timber owner-operator in Southern Africa, with a turnover in excess of E 1 Billion. We service approximately 40% of the regional wet-off-saw timber market, and have diverse timber-trading interests in South Africa, Eswatini, Mozambique, Namibia, Angola, Zambia and Japan.

"What makes us stand out from our competitors primarily is the way in which we add value to every part of the tree. We are able to extract and utilise up to 95% of the tree's value because of the breadth of our markets."

Andrew Le Roux, CEO of Montigny
Hectares of Land

Of Montigny's more than 80,000 ha of land, 55,000 ha are under active timber management. Plantations extend from Nhlangano in southern Eswatini, to the Usutu region in the North

Jobs Created

Montingny is one of the biggest employers in Eswatini, and also engages with extensive network of local subcontractors

Mills and Processing Plants

Montigny owns four sawmills at Bhunya and Nhlangano, one Essential Oil plant, one chipping plant, one chipboard plant and a rented sawmill at Bulembu.

Fire resources

A large workforce of trained rangers is dedicated to fire management, safety and security in Montigny plantations and the surrounding communities

Cubes of sawn timber to market per annum

Monigny exports a diverse range of timber products to markets throughout Southern Africa


Monigny transports and processes more than 1m ton of timber per year

Montigny Usutu

Premium products

Montigny takes an innovative approach to product development and supply. We actively focus on extracting the maximum value from the timber at our disposal, and have extended our product range accordingly, from standard lumber supply to finished products.

Competitive pricing and our commitment to excellence, in both product quality and service delivery, has seen us establish long lasting relationships with suppliers, service providers and clients around the world. Our customers include the planking industry (for both industrial and fine carpentry use), pallet users, the mining industry, charcoal consumers, paper manufacturers, furniture makers and construction companies.

Montigny Usutu

Montigny Usutu

The Usutu Forest Complex represents one of the largest, continuous man-made forestry estates in the world, with extensive and well-developed infrastructure and the shortest average stump-to-mill distance in the region.

In 2014 Montigny concluded the purchase of Usutu Forest Products Company from SAPPI Limited. The landmark deal was the one of the largest private, commercial transactions to take place in Eswatini. The company raised in excess of E 1 Billion to conclude the acquisition.

NHR Investments

NHR Investments

NHR Investments is the South African trading arm of Montigny. The Piet Retief office oversees Montigny's timber distribution to the South African market, as well as export to Japan via chipping plants in South Africa and Mozambique.



TDM is a trading arm of Montigny dealing in timber products. It specialises in Biomass and trades with local and export clients.

Shareholding & Directors

Usutu Development Corporation

A.T. Dlamini
N.E. Dlamini
A.R. Le Roux
W.R. Rijkenberg
D.J. Millin


Public Service Pensions Fund

F.J. Mabuzai
M.N. Simelane
M.B. Vilakati


Eswatini National Provident Fund

HRH L. Dlamini (Chairman)